Advisory Selling Method 

The Future of Selling is Changing - Are You Ready?


Will You Give Up Being the Agenda-Based Selling Agent that Clients Avoid
And Become the Commitment-Based Trusted Advisor Clients Seek Out?



Changing How You Sell - Changes Everything!

Everything You Need is Already Within You

It may come as a surprise to you, but every conversation we have is a selling conversation and we can do no other. This is something we were born with but never realized. This is true as a parent, teacher, managers, agent of some kind or any human being for that matter.  Most of us come at selling with a bit of apprehension. Something never feels quite right. That's because we may be doing something that is possibly wrong, and somewhere inside we sense it. It is time to end our uncertainty.

The Advisory Selling Method is designed to bring out your natural advisory skills and help you put them to work effectively. Results are immediate because you know you are doing what's right and selling becomes more efficient, effective, empowering, enjoyable and easy.

If you are willing to give up the tired selling habits you inherited, acquired, and developed over the years, you can unleash your natural advisory skills?

As a professional selling agent, service rep, client advisor, coach, or consultant, Advisory Selling will empower you to take command of your selling conversations as never before. Let's schedule a conversation and see where you stand and where you want to take things in the future.

New Book Based on the Advisory Selling Method

"Selling the Truth"

Unleashing the Power of the Advisory Selling Method

This book will be available in early 2024. It will provide an overarching view of the origins and realities of selling from prehistoric times to our current time. The book then takes the next critical step into the future of selling that is accessed by the Advisory Selling Method. Here are some content highlights:
  • Part 1: Why We Sell & Breaking From the Past - In this part we explore why we are natural born sellers who are selling all the time, why selling began and how selling evolved over time.
  • Part 2: How We Sell & Current Challenges of Selling - Here we explore what we are really selling, breaking our selling habits, and navigating the Sea of Babble in which e all will sink or swim.
  • Part 3: What Is Possible & Embracing the Future of Selling - Here you get an in depth look into the Advisory Selling Principles, the three Generating Opportunities Modules, the three Executing Completion Modules, and guidelines on changing how you sell 

For those participating in any of the programs mentioned below there will be a discount on the price of the paperback version of the book. This discount will be based on your commitment to submit your review of the book which we may publish in various ways and as your review gets used we will offer you  further benefits. 


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Paul Roth, Coach
High Performance Private Coaching 

Hi my name is Paul Roth and I am the author of  Selling the Truth and the creator of the Advisory Selling Method. My method offers a system of skill development modules that allow you to make a critical, likely permanent shift in how you sell and a major leap in your selling results.

  • Once you learn the practices this method teaches you will see them happening all around you and in every conversation you have. They are always there.
  • As you practices these practices you will bring out your innate advisory selling skills and put them to work in a way that produces immediate results.
  • Over time you will change who you are being from a survival driven agenda-based selling agent that clients avoid, to a service driven commitment-based trusted advisor that clients seek out.

I have been working with professional selling agents, managers, and executives as well as many professional consultants, coaches, advisors, service reps in many different industries. The approach to skill development I am offering you has been developed and intensely tested for nearly two decades. I invite you to work with me and I promise that you will achieve significantly greater recognition and reward in far less time.

The Skills You Will Develop Are Already Within You

In our coaching sessions you bring out these natural skills and put them to work.

Free Video Exploration & Free Private Coaching Session

Your Exploration is composed of a Discovery Video, Reflection Questions, and Discovery Worksheet

Changing How You Sell - Changes Everything

Making the shift from being an Agenda-Based Selling Agent to being a Commitment-Based Trusted Advisor

 In this Exploration you come face to face with how much you are like everyone else looking to serve others when we are in truth serving ourselves.

  • Our natural advisory skills are innate but buried under a lot of inherited, acquired and developed tactics, techniques, triggers, tricks, and traps. 
  • Once this becomes clear we can distinguish tis part of ourselves from the service driven commitment-based trusted advisor.
  • This shift takes place in our language once we learn the language of the trusted advisor and how it differs from that of a normal selling agent.
  • Once you learn the language you get in the client door more easily, build a partnership more quickly.
  • You also will produce consistently increasing results far beyond what you previously thought was possible. 
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The Advisory Selling Method

Foundation Coaching Module 1

Building Client Partnerships

The first of 6 Skill Development Coaching Modules Covering the entire Selling Conversation Continuum


  • There is no set of language skills more essential than these and they are the foundation of the entire Advisory Selling Method.
  • In this process you shift from being a survival driven agenda-based selling agent out to get something that clients work to avoid.
  • You open the doorway to becoming a service driven commitment-based trusted advisor which clients seek out on a regular basis. 
  • Making this shift from selling to to get what you want to serving the best interest of clients will get you in the door with clients more easily.
  • You will conduct meetings that are more impactful, and build more enduring client relationships.
  • Once this module is complete there are five more coaching modules that work best if taken in sequence, or can be taken in any order at any time.
  • Since we all have our special learning needs, we will work with you to determine the best approach for you. 
  • In reviewing a program you may select any program module and do it as many times as you like at the reviewers reduced rate. 
Since engaging in skill development some have revisited these following three practices over many years.

Practice 1

Evoking Rapport

This practice converts a client's automatic protective listening into more open and receptive listening.

Practice 2

Generating Projects

This practice moves clients  away from their story about their situation and toward a compelling new possibility.

Practice 3

Forging Partnership

This practice gives a trusted advisor the power to speak a productive partnership with a client into existence. 

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Group Program Options

Each of the Following Options deliver both the AdvisorySelling Method and the Collaborative Leadership Modules.

Apart from the Private Coaching and Group Programs for individuals, there are also options that serve various groups. 

  • All program options are scheduled on a regular basis, weekly, biweekly, monthly, or at random.
  • Sometimes it is better for Partners to work both together and separately to get both individual and partner focus..
  • Teams that learn to work together better thus producing better results with regular team sessions and private sessions with individuals or partners.
  • An local or regional office can offer coaching and programs to both individuals, teams within the office and full office events.
  • An entire company can offer individuals and teams throughout the company private coaching, team coaching, and company wide events. 
  • We also will train your managers or senior staff to work with individuals and teams managers to deliver our skill development modules.

Group Option 1

Partners Together

Partners need to work in two ways separately and together in order to work out the kinks that inevitably emerge. 

What is remarkable is how by working together better so much more can be achieved.

Group Option 2

Team Collaboration 

The team that works together better is usually the team that wins in any performance endeavor worth pursuing.

What is remarkable is that on a collaborative team everyone improves their game.

Group Option 3

Regional Office Focus

A regional office has individuals and team that need to  work together better, especially with the regional manager. 

What is remarkable is how an office of individuals, generates more by working together.

Group Option 4

Full Company Access 

A company is a team of teams with individuals performers whose skills vary greatly, yet all need continuous improvement. 

What is remarkable is how company initiatives get buy-in, thus ensuring better outcomes.

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Paul Roth

I am the author of the book Selling  the Truth. It is written in the spirit of telling the truth to ourselves first then others This book is the ultimate expression of my Advisory Selling Method.  The basic premise of the book is that we are all selling all the time so we may as well get good at it. The method brings out the natural skills you already have within you and helps you strengthen them through practice and application. In time you begin to let go of all of the tactics, techniques, triggers, tricks, and traps used in normal selling.

Over the years I have also developed what is now an online tool called the Strategic Sales Game Navigator. While it has retained a lot of its original low-tech power, it now has many helpful dynamic online features as part of the three primary components of this tool - the Vision Builder, the Action Planner, and the Time Navigator. With this powerful online tool, you are able to create a selling game worth playing and winning.  It enables you to create a future worth having, keep it rolling forward, and then actually make that future happen equal to or beyond what your initial vision. 

My passion is for Empowering People to achieve levels of performance beyond what they have ever imagined possible. I have worked with thousands of individual professionals, hundreds of small businesses, and numerous major companies to unravel the obstacles to accessing their inner skills so they can bring out their natural brilliance. Helping people to have things turn out better than anything they could have ever planned is my favorite outcome.  

What You Can Expect From Working with Paul...

“For over two decades, I fought to get clients to listen to me when I knew better. I never realized that what I was saying was adversarial and clients would always fight back. I began working with the Advisory Selling Methods and everything has changed. I wish I had had this support a decade or two ago.”

– Brent Simmons

“As a newer agent, I struggled to even get people to talk to me when I called them. We called it cold calling. It was surely that until I began to work with the Advisory Selling Methods and brought out some skills I did not know I had in me. Calling is no longer cold and clients are much more receptive.”

– Jamie Atkins

“I always thought I was good at selling. But since I’ve been engaged with the Advisory Selling Methods, I’m operating at a whole new level of performance, which I must say, is way beyond what I had previously imagined. My team and our company  results are soaring.” 

– Sally Williams

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