Advisory Selling

Serving the Client’s Best Interest

Accelerate your natural skill development and compress your time frame to an entirely new level of results.

Accelerate Your Skill Development!

The following sections review the various support options and special support features currently available which will accelerate skill development and compress the timeframe needed to achieve significant agent results.

Support Option 1: Program Design Consultation

We work with agents, managers, and executives to design a configuration of our web applications and online learning modules so that they accelerate skill development and maximize performance.

Support Option 2: Computer Assisted Learning

Our online learning modules and tools feature CAL (Computer Assisted Learning) and VAL. Together, they give program direction and detailed knowledge of program and tool features.

Support Option 3: Collaborative Online Learning

Built into every learning module and application tool is a collaboration capability for interacting with colleagues, mentors, managers, and coaches.

Support Option 4: Virtual Collaboration

We assist subscribers by direct email responses to questions, challenges, and their examples of documents they have created in accordance with our program guidelines.

Support Option 5: Private Coaching

We are available to schedule private coaching sessions for individuals and teams at regularly scheduled time frames; weekly, biweekly, or monthly based availability, budget, and what makes sense to get from where you are to where you want to be.

Support Option 6: Group Programs

We offer open group programs and closed group performance teams where participants get to learn from each other in a dynamic environment of instruction, role-play, and performance.

Support Option 7: Program Leader Training

We work with agent team leaders, managers, and executives to develop their skills at leading our programs for their own teams and agents.