Advisory Selling

Serving the Client’s Best Interest

Accelerate your natural skill development and compress your time frame to an entirely new level of results.

Get an In Depth Understanding of Selling!

The following series of books captures the message of Advisory Selling in its entirety. Topics range from the origins of selling to current-day collaborative leadership for team leaders, managers, and executives to an in depth look into our self-defeating performance blind spots to how we can turn our worst inner enemies into our greatest allies to maximize our performance.

Book 1: Advisory Selling

This book tracks the evolution of selling from its prehistoric origins to the current emergence of Advisory Selling It explores the core principles that make this new form of selling effective.

Book 2: Advisory Selling Methods

This book reveals the modular learning architecture underlying the foundation of Building Client Partnerships and the language requirements of the continuum of Advisory Selling Meetings.

Book 3: Advisory Selling Continuum

This book offers a precise approach to designing, practicing, preparing, and delivering the entire continuum of Advisory Selling for calls and meeting events.

Book 4: Advisory Selling Marketing

This book teaches target marketing building on a Targeted Suspect List, Initial Promo emails, a sequence of Compiled Messages, Initial Contact practice script, follow-up calls and confirmation emails.

Book 5: Collaborative Leadership

This book lays out the principles, practices, process, and performance criteria for six dimensions of leadership including Leadership, Management, Mentoring, Coaching, Commanding, and Innovating.

Book 6: Performance Blindspots

We all have our performance blindspots and this program addresses key blindspots in oneself, others, how we learn, work, think about money and our world, and how to turn inner enemies into partners.

Book 7: Time Navigation

This book lays out a new view of traveling through time day to day, not as a management challenge, but more so as a navigational challenge in which we learn to dance with the barrage of obstacles and opportunities that come at us and learn to have our actual always be better than our plan.