Advisory Selling

Serving the Client’s Best Interest

Accelerate your natural skill development and compress your time frame to an entirely new level of results.

Put Your Skills To Work With Online Apps!

The following sections will review the online applications, special add-on tools, and built-in features that make self-management and client management simpler, consistent, and reliable. These five main applications, add-on apps, and built-in features maximize performance with power, velocity, and certainty.

Application 1: Time Navigator
We can throw out our time management systems that have never really worked and learn the advanced technology of time navigation and dancing with a chaotic universe as a partner.

Application 2: Business Navigator
Establishing a viable business, whether as a selling agent or entrepreneur, requires a method for laying a strong foundation and then building on it to whatever heights it can hold.

Application 3: Virtual Deal Manager
Deal management means we can immediately access the information necessary to move numerous deals forward in their proper sequence from initiation to completion.

Application 4: Client Share Manager
To significantly maximize performance in selling, we must have tools for managing a vast number of inactive clients so that we are first in line when they choose to become active.

Application 5: HomeBase Data Center
This data center application is designed to give agents a data center that would replace excel or old data management programs. It can also be used in conjunction with more contemporary CRM solutions to carve out groups of clients to focus on.

Add-On Apps 6: Call Control Panel, Collaboration Manager, Component Builders
In a changing market, it is essential to have automated call capabilities, online collaboration, and email and scripts builders.

Built-In Features 7: Web Share, Client Profiles, Quick Tools, Email Manager Capabilities like web-based meetings, client information collection, quick reference tools for speedy decision making, email management, and social marketing communications are essential.