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Advisory Selling
Five Applications

The Advisory Selling Tools are comprised of five applications. Each application stands on its own, and can work together to perform certain functions. These tools can be used by selling agents from a wide variety of industries and multiple disciplines within each industry. They achieve things most selling agents never have had access to before. Application 1 gives agents a way of designing their selling game based on their foundation of accomplishments and makes new levels of performance possible with process tracking and full accountability management.  Application 2 gives agents a granular way of managing their activity in time. Application 3 offers tools for generating future business by building a robust strategic client share of currently inactive clients. Application 4 is designed to give agents tools for generating and managing active clients, navigating their tactical game plan, and building an easy to manage database. Application 5 gives agents tools for building a actionable business plan, and a system of tools for managing projects, people and their transactional process. These applications give agents power where they most need it.


Application 1: Strategic Game Manager

Build on your foundation of accomplishment and design a game that will get you to a new level of play. 

Application 2: Weekly Activity Manager

Manage your weekly and daily activity so that things get done efficiently, effectively, and completely.

Application 3: Strategic Client Manager

Manage your ability to generate a broad base client share that ensures plenty of future business.

Application 4: Virtual Deal Manager

Manage the generating of active clients and manage their transactional process with clarity and certainty.


Discover How Easy It Can Be to Maximize Your Performance!

First you will need to unlearn all of the tactics, techniques, tricks and traps taught is most every sales training.

You will never get rid of them but you can minimize them so they no longer get in your way when connecting with clients.

As your natural advisory skills become more dominant, sales will become more efficient, effective, empowering, enjoyable and easier.

Never again will you need to go to war with clients in a futile effort to outsmart them in an attempt to serve your own best interest at their expense.

Principles That Will Guide Your Actions

Our principles give an entirely new way of thinking about selling.

They turn the cheap tricks of selling into the sacred act of service to others that selling was always meant to be.

These principles will provide a guidance system that will keep you on track as the advisor clients seek out rather than the agent they often shun.

Most senior agents finally learn these skills after years of being beaten up by clients. Why wait that long and endure that level of punishment in the process.

Practices That Develop Your Skills

Our practices bring out your natural selling skills and put your skills to work immediately.

They offer a road map for day-to-day application of the practices which is where permanent learning takes place.

If you know the practices they will unfold before you in every conversation. If you practice them you will bring out your natural skills.

If you use these practices on a regular basis you will change who you are being from an agent looking for a deal to an advisor looking for a client.


A Process That Produces Results

Our process offers an new more reliable approach to generating greater near term business.

Our advisory selling process generates even more substantial long term business relationships with clients.

Rather than waiting for ten years to make significant income, you will get into major income within three to five years.

We all have these skills within us. The question is who will choose to develop these skills early in their selling game and maximize their performance.


Defining Your Principles
Learn to apply advisory principles and your innate commitments as an advisor. 


With leadership comes a huge responsibility for the well being of others. Much like the captain of the good ship leaders must listen to their crew to gain consensus and then privately consider the decisions they will make. Making the decisions for others and demanding that they follow a course of action takes a compelling vision, a full articulation of values and clearly established viability of the process about to ensue. Leaders compel action by their vision. They generate a balance between generating consensus and taking command.

Principles of Advisory Selling

Principle 1: Authentic Commitment

You learn to develop an authentic commitment to your clients’ best interest that most agents never achieve.


Principle 2: Genuine Interest

You learn to become genuinely interested in clients and their needs.


Principle 3: Complete Detachment

You learn to detach from your agenda and attach to your client’s project.


Principle 4: Fearless Communication

You learn to risk relationships with clients by having straight conversations that get them on the track.


Principle 5: Unstoppable Intention

You develop an unstoppable intention to serve the best interest of your clients.





Developing Your Skills

Learn to apply the practices and language skills of the advisor.  


Once we have fully embraced the core principles of advisory selling, the next challenge is to master working with the practices that produce an advisory relationship with clients. These practices when practices will bring out your innate skills from within and put them to work. With these skills you easily displace all the the tactics, techniques, triggers, tricks and traps employed by selling agents who have little true commitment to a clients best interest and a much greater commitment to serving their own best interest, even at a clients expense.

The Practices of Advisory Selling

Module 1: Position Your Advisory Brand

With this module you learn the art of creating a compelling vision that is both authentic and inspiring.


Module 2: Build Advisory Partnerships with Clients

With this module you develop your innate ability to build partnerships with colleagues and clients.


Module 3: Build Presentations That Compel Action

With this module you develop your skills at building compelling presentations that compel client action.


Module 4: Launch Client Projects That Go All the Way

With this module you learn to launch client projects so they get on a solid track and stay on track until complete.


Module 5: Manage Client & Team Accountability

With this module you develop key skills at managing your accountability and that of your team and clients.


Module 6: Create Breakthroughs with Stuck Clients

With this module you learn to work with clients to get them challenging situations in which they are stuck. 


Module 7: Execute Transactions with Total Certainty

With this module to develop the skills needed to effectively execute transactions and generate future business.


Module 8: Establish Long Term Client Relationships

With this module you develop the skills needed to establish long-term partnership relationships with clients.




Delivering Your Performance

Learn to deliver a systematic advisory selling process.  


The advisory selling process is a bit more complex than a traditional brokerage process because it includes steps deigned to ensure that clients have a clear understanding of their project, the factors that could get in their way of accomplishing that project, and the options available to them at a particular time. By project we mean helping the client move from where they are currently to where they want to be in the future. To accomplish this we must first layout the factors that could limit their progress to the fulfillment of their project. Then we layout the all of the options available to a client, along with the consequences and risk factors of each of these choices, so the client is in a position of choice.. Then we recommend the option that will be the best pathway to the fulfillment of their project. Because of this when a client converts from a strategic relationship to a transactional one, they are clear about their choices and are more likely to be ready to deal; with the realities of that process and work with their advisor to produce the best possible result.

The Process of Advisory Selling

Part 1: Generating New Business


Step 1: Create a System of Targeted Suspect Lists

With this step you learn how to create targeted suspect lists based on market area, set criteria, and probability.


Step 2: Generate Promo Letters & Phone Messages

With this step you learn how to build promotional letters and flyers plus a compiled phone message sequence.


Step 3: Deliver Effective Initial Contact Conversations

With this step you learn to develop effective initial contact phone conversation practice scripts.


Part 2: Gathering Client Information 


Step 4: Design Compelling Meeting Confirmations

With this step you learn to develop compelling meeting and next action confirmations.


Step 5: Deliver a Guided Exploratory Meeting

With this step you develop the skills to design, prepare and deliver effective exploratory meetings.


Step 6: Create a Strategic Client Profile

With this step you learn to build and deliver a strategic client profile that gathers needed strategic analysis data.


Part 3: Delivering a Strategic Analysis


Step 7: Build a Compelling Strategic Analysis Document

With this step you build strategic analysis documents as an initial step toward a transactional process.


Step 8: Prepare for an Analysis Presentation Meeting

With this step you prepare a presentation that will guide a client through the strategic analysis logic system.


Step 9: Deliver a Guided Analysis Presentation Meeting

With this step you deliver presentations that reveal the available options and the appropriate  course of action.


Part 4: Converting Strategic Into Transactional 


Step 10: Create a Strategic Client Update Sequence

With this step you setup a sequence of regular update calls with clients to keep them out ahead of the changes.


Step 11: Build Effective Strategic Update Documents

With this step you build strategic update memos that trade high-value information for updates on their status.


Step 12: Deliver a Strategic Client Conversion Meeting

With this step you learn how to move a strategic client from a advisory relationship to a transactional one.


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