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Program Delivery Formats & Pricing Options

  • Each of the¬†Six Skill Development Modules¬†of the¬†Advisory Selling Method¬†are offered in the four highly effective following¬†Program Delivery¬†Formats.¬†
  • Partner and Team Coaching offer additional components in addition to the Skill Development Modules.
  • These sessions may occur¬†monthly, weekly or biweekly¬†depending on the program workload requirements, participants schedule, and the format of the program.
  • All of these Delivery Formats are available to¬†small business teams, larger companies,¬†and¬†major corporations¬†in a wider array of configurations in accord with the needs of¬†each organization.
Group Coaching  

Group coaching brings together individuals from different backgrounds and various professions who work together with a skill development module that addresses the critical needs they have found.

They work together in a highly interactive collaboration in which each participant learns form the other participants as those others learn from their challenges and successes. 


Eight Sessions
$75 Per Session

Per Person - 60 Minutes 

Private Coaching

Private coaching involves  confidential intimate work with individuals who are looking to develop a particular set of skills. They take a deep dive into their underlying personal performance challenges. 

They use their work with the skill development module  to apply their skills to make the critical changes they need to make to maximize their performance.


Eight Sessions
$125 Per Session

Per Person - 30 Minutes

Partner Coaching

Partner coaching involves working with a selected skill development module to deal more effectively with any collaboration challenges, their team architecture, and business process design.

This is confidential work with two or so individuals who are ready to develop the skills needed to ensure strong partnership dynamics and overall team performance.


Eight Sessions
$165 Per Session

2-3 People - 30 minutes

Team Coaching

Team coaching works with individual teams, small business teams, or teams within larger organizations to  elevate performance using skill development modules appropriate to each team.

With their new skills they address the challenges of team alignment and collaboration as well as a develop a strategic game design to meet  future performance objectives.


Eight Sessions
$375 Per Session

5-10 People - 60 minutes


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Meet Your Coach

Meet Paul Roth, the author of the groundbreaking book, Selling the Truth, and creator of the Advisory Selling Method. With over two decades of experience, Paul has been a trusted advisor to countless professionals, businesses, and major corporations.

Paul's mission is to ignite the potential within every individual and unleash their brilliance. He excels at helping surpass even their wildest expectations, achieving outcomes that go beyond anything they could have previously imagined.

At the heart of Paul's teachings lies the Advisory Selling Method - a meticulously crafted framework born out of intensive development and rigorous testing. Those who embrace this method make significant leaps in their performance and become more consequential in their own life, the lives of others and their world.

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