Advisory Selling Method 

The Future of Selling is Changing - Are You Ready?


Will You Give Up Being the Agenda-Based Selling Agent that Clients Avoid
And Become the Commitment-Based Trusted Advisor Clients Seek Out?



Changing How You Sell - Changes Everything!

Everything You Need is Already Within You

It may come as a surprise to you, but every conversation we have is a selling conversation and we can do no other. This is something we were born with but never realized. This is true as a parent, teacher, managers, agent of some kind or any human being for that matter.  Most of us come at selling with a bit of apprehension. Something never feels quite right. That's because we may be doing something that is possibly wrong, and somewhere inside we sense it. It is time to end our uncertainty.

The Advisory Selling Method is designed to bring out your natural advisory skills and help you put them to work effectively. Results are immediate because you know you are doing what's right and selling becomes more efficient, effective, empowering, enjoyable and easy.

If you are willing to give up the tired selling habits you inherited, acquired, and developed over the years, you can unleash your natural advisory skills?

As a professional selling agent, service rep, client advisor, coach, or consultant, Advisory Selling will empower you to take command of your selling conversations as never before. Let's schedule a conversation and see where you stand and where you want to take things in the future.

New Book Coming Very Soon!!!

"Selling the Truth"

Unleashing the Power of the Advisory Selling Method

 This book will be available in early 2024. It will provide an overarching view of the origins and realities of selling from prehistoric times to our current time. The book then takes the next critical step into the future of selling that is accessed by the Advisory Selling Method. Here are some content highlights:

  • Part 1: Why We Sell & Breaking From the Past - In this part we explore why we are natural born sellers who are selling all the time, why selling began and how selling evolved over time.
  • Part 2: How We Sell & Current Challenges of Selling - Here we explore what we are really selling, breaking our selling habits, and navigating the Sea of Babble in which e all will sink or swim.
  • Part 3: What Is Possible & Embracing the Future of Selling - Here you get an in depth look into the Advisory Selling Principles, the three Generating Opportunities Modules, the three Executing Completion Modules, and guidelines on changing how you sell 

For those participating in any of the programs mentioned below there will be a discount on the price of the paperback version of the book. This discount will be based on your commitment to submit your review of the book which we may publish in various ways and as your review gets used we will offer you  further benefits. 

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Introduction to Advisory Selling 

 Make a Dramatic Shift in How You Sell

We are all selling something to someone all of the time, so we should get good at it.

Every human conversation is in some form a selling conversation. Our human world exists because we are all selling all the time. But it is not difficult to tell when someone is selling in order to get something, which is the essence of the survival-based selling that has given selling a bad rap. Yet every so often you may have experienced on a more rare occasion, having a memorable conversation that was both productive and empowering for both you and a client and wish you could have more of those. This is service-based selling. This program will show you the road map you will need to follow to have such conversations more often.  

It is like learning a martial art, if you know the practices we teach you will see them already happening all around you.  If you practice the practices you will bring out your natural skills that will produce immediate results. If you practice over time you will change who you are being. You will no longer be limited by the tired and tried tactics, techniques, triggers, trick and traps that we learned from our parents, teachers, managers, consultants, and sales trainers.

With this method, selling becomes what it was meant to be.
As long as YOU do the Work!
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Live-Online Single Session Exploration

This program is available to individuals, teams, and selling organizations

Advisory Selling Principles

 Introducing a Whole New Way of Selling

The following principles embody the essence of advisory selling and as you practice the method these core commitments become stronger over time. You will no longer be focused on what you can get from clients in your selling conversations. You will learn to focus on what you can give then that will serve their best interest. You will no longer ne a convenience that clients can use but be come the asset they turn to time after time.

Exploring the Five Core Principles

  • AUTHENTIC COMMITMENT to Serving the Client's Best Interest 

         This means giving up pretending to serve a client's best interest just to get what you want. It means authentically committed            to serving their best interest without compromise.  

  • GENUINE INTEREST in Clients and Their Needs 

         This means giving up pretending that you are interested in clients and doing the work it takes to become genuinely                              interested in them. This means shifting from trying to be interesting to them to truly being more interested in them.

  • COMPLETELY OPEN to Whatever Outcome Will best Serve Them 

         This means detaching from your agenda to get what you want and attaching to their project, which means helping them                     move from where they are currently to where they want to be in the future.  

  • FEARLESS COMMUNICATION in the Face of the Risks 

         This means that if you can't risk your relationship with a client you will never have one worth having, which means you must            tell them what they need to hear even when they don't want to hear it.           

  • TOTAL INTENTION to Make Sure Their Best Interest is Served

         This means that you  being unstoppable in your intention to ensure a client's success by putting your attention on your                       intention through inspection of their progress from where they are currently to where they want to be in the future.

By fostering the five core commitments in your work with clients they will let go of their default perception of you as a selling agent and begin to see you on the trusted advisor they have been looking to  work with again and again and send their friends and business associates.  By following the principles of the Advisory Selling Method clients come to see you as a valued asset rather than a convenience to use, abuse, and excuse. 

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Advisory Selling Program Modules

These 8 Live Online Group Explorations Cover the Entire Selling Continuum

Each Module offers 12 Group Sessions in 6 Weeks & 6 Weekly Individual Performance Coaching Sessions 

These Programs work together best if taken in the following order but they may also be taken in any order at any time. Since we all have our special learning needs, we will work with you to determine the best approach for you. If you are reviewing a program then you may want to select a specific program module to brush up on which you are free to do as many times as you like at the reduced reviewers rate.  Since we are engaging in skill development some have revisited these modules over many years.

Selling Conversation Module 1

Building Client Partnerships

 Make an Immediate Connection With Clients
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Evoking Rapport

 This Practice works to convert a client's default protective listening into more receptive listening.

Generating Projects

 This Practice frees clients from the limits of their story and opens their eyes to a new possibility.

Forging Partnership

 This Practice allows an advisor to speak the partnership with a client into existence.

Selling Conversation Module 2

Packaging Client Presentations

 Help Clients Receive, Retain, & Replicate Your Message
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Strategic Analysis

 This Practice gathers the information needed to conduct a strategic advisory process. 

Positioning Value

 This Practice gives clients a view of your delivery capabilities needed for their success.

Building Presentations

 This Practice  makes it possible for clients to receive, retain, and replicate your message.

Selling Conversation Module 3

Launching Client Projects

Get Client Projects On Track
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Defining Challenges 

 This Practice uncovers the hidden challenge that a client must be willing to face. 

Designing Projects

 This Practice  shows how to set in motion how to design a project worth taking on.

Defining Rules

 This Practice  set-up the rules of engagement that will keep a client project on track.

Selling Conversation Module

Managing Client Accountability

Keep Client Projects On Track
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Establishing Alignment 

This Practice aligns a client assessment, best course of action, and accountabilities. 

Initiating Actions

This Practice  teaches how to speak the language of accountability.

Reaffirming Commitments 

This Practice makers sure that commitments made will be kept to oneself and others.

Selling Conversation Module 5

Creating Client Breakthroughs

Help Clients Get Unstuck  
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Talking Straight

 This Practice gets the full truth on the table even when clients may not want to hear it.

Drilling Down

 This Practice squeezes out any remaining client denial, deception and delusion.

Rebuilding Trust

 This Practice patches up any wounds resulting from a very tough conversation. 

Selling Conversation Module 6

Completing Client Projects

Help Clients Win Their Game
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Practice 1

Securing Approvals

 This Practice lays out a clear roadmap for effectively securing any needed approvals.

Practice 2

Executing Transactions

 This Practice stages a highly memorable and unmistakable completion event.

Practice 1

Celebrating Completion

 This Practice sets up a great celebration that leads to repeat business and referrals. 

Advisory Selling Special Courses 

Each Course 12 Group Sessions in 6 Weeks - with Scripting & Roleplay sessions each week & 6 Weekly Performance Coaching Sessions

Course 1

Generating Opportunities

1. Target Marketing Campaigns

2. Promotional Outreach

3. Compiled Messages

5. Call Practice Script

5. Next Action Confirmations

6. Tracking Campaign Results 

Course 2

Managing Call Campaigns

1. Generation Call Toolkit

2. Hello Call Toolkit

3. Profile Call Toolkit

5. Follow-Up Call Toolkit

5. Next Action Toolkit

6. Update Call Toolkit

Course 3

Meeting Preparation 

1. Exploratory Meetings

2. Presentation Meetings

3. Project Launch Meetings

5. Accountability Meetings

5. Breakthrough Meetings

6. Deal Completion Meetings 

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 Special Skill Development Talks

Each conversation is a single session with an individual, partners, team or company with additional private coaching sessions for each person.

Time Navigation

This Practice frees clients from the limits of their story and opens their eyes to a new possibility.

Project Management

This Practice allows an advisor to speak the partnership with a client into existence.

Business Process Design

This Practice allows an advisor to speak the partnership with a client into existence.

Team Leadership

This Practice allows an advisor to speak the partnership with a client into existence.

Team Architecture

 This Practice frees clients from the limits of their story and opens their eyes to a new possibility.

Team Branding

 This Practice allows an advisor to speak the partnership with a client into existence.

Talks Scheduled On Demand 
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Paul Roth

I am an executive business coach, program developer, and author of Selling the Truth.

I have provided coaching, consulting, and business advisory services to thousands of individual professionals, hundreds of small businesses, and numerous major companies for over two decades. Along the way I have been fortunate to encounter a broad variety of challenges that have taught me a lot about what it takes to find a balance between investing in process and the empowerment of people.

My passion is for empowering people to achieve levels of performance beyond what they have ever imagined possible. I work with people to unravel the obstacles to accessing their inner skills so they can bring out their natural brilliance. Helping people to have things turn out better than anything they could have ever planned is my favorite outcome.

My work with Designing Your Year began over two decades ago. I could see then as now how much people need a way to rise above the limits of their story about their life and choose to create a new future for themselves. I have learned a lot over these decades and have packed all that into this powerful program. Still to this day, people reach out to thank me for helping them discover the simple skills they already had within them and for the many "years of a life worth living" they have been able to enjoy.

I also created the Advisory Selling Method, a highly evolved set of skill development modules and practices that are a result of twenty plus years of intensive development, testing, and application. Those who have embraced this method, and put it to work on a regular basis, have become more consequential in their work with others and have made significant leaps in their performance.

The ultimate expression of the Advisory Selling Method is Selling the Truth. In the spirit of telling the truth, I must say that every time I read parts of the book, I would jump at the chance to buy it, if I hadn't written it myself. I look forward to sharing the wisdom I have gained from so many clients over the years. I admire their courage and accomplishment that I have been privileged to be a part of generating. I have learned more with every client conversation about myself and who we are as people.


What You Can Expect Working with Paul...

“For over two decades, I fought to get clients to listen to me when I knew better. I never realized that what I was saying was adversarial and clients would always fight back. I began working with the Advisory Selling Methods and everything has changed. I wish I had had this support a decade or two ago.”

– Brent Simmons

“As a newer agent, I struggled to even get people to talk to me when I called them. We called it cold calling. It was surely that until I began to work with the Advisory Selling Methods and brought out some skills I did not know I had in me. Calling is no longer cold and clients are much more receptive.”

– Jamie Atkins

“I always thought I was good at selling. But since I’ve been engaged with the Advisory Selling Methods, I’m operating at a whole new level of performance, which I must say, is way beyond what I had previously imagined. My team and our company  results are soaring.” 

– Sally Williams