Advisory Selling

Serving the Client’s Best Interest

Accelerate the development of your natural selling skills and compress your time frame to an entirely new level of results. When you do, selling becomes more efficient, effective, empowering, enjoyable, and as a result, a lot easier.

Computer Assisted Learning


“For over two decades, I fought the good fight to get clients to listen to me when I knew I knew better. I never realized that what I was saying was adversarial and clients would always fight back. I began working with the Advisory Selling Methods and everything has changed. I only wish I had had this support a decade or two ago.”

– Steve Jenkins

What is Advisory Selling?

Advisory Selling offers a whole new way of selling; one that transcends our normal selling habits that send us into an adversarial relationship with clients regardless of our good intentions. Rather than convincing clients to do what we want, we learn to bring clients to a point where they make an appropriate choice about what will serve their best interest.

Advisory Selling quickly gets clients and agents in complete alignment with what is the best course of action and lays a foundation for a long-term partnership that comes with repeat business and referrals. It is about focusing on the client’s win which inevitably becomes the agent’s win.


Our Position in the World of Selling

Changing How You Sell Will Change Everything In Your Life!

Advisory Selling offers methods that bring out the natural advisory selling skills that are innate to every person. These skills are the opposite of the typical tactics, techniques, triggers, tricks, and traps that agents have been trained to use and are the true reason behind every successful selling conversation. Over time practicing these methods, we learn how to turn selling away from a set of cheap tricks into the sacred act of service it was meant to be.



Hurting Clients For
My Gain

Conspiratorial Selling is pretending to help clients when you are selling a product that could hurt them.



Outsmarting Clients For My Gain
Competitive Selling is controlling clients so they do what the agent needs them to do to get their paycheck.



Selling My Solution For My Gain
Consultative Selling is selling a solution to clients that they may or may not need all to get a paycheck.



Working With Clients For Share Gain
Collaborative Selling is account based selling that fosters dependency between client and agent.



Empowering Clients’ Choices For Their Gain
Advisory Selling focuses on empowering clients to make an appropriate choice that will serve their best interest.

These different modes of selling are available to everyone all of the time. It is essential to choose our approach wisely. Many agents fall into survival-based selling in which they compete with clients, or even conspire against them, to serve the agent’s best interest. Some senior agents eventually arrive at a place where they learn how to build collaborative selling relationships with clients. It often takes many years of getting hammered by clients for these senior agents to connect with their natural advisory selling skills.

The Advisory Selling Methods offer agents at all levels, from brand new to super-senior, a way to push aside what does not work that well anyway and unleash the power of the natural skills within them.

“As a newer agent, I struggled to even get people to talk to me when I called them. We called it cold calling. It was surely that until I began to work with the Advisory Selling Methods and brought out some skills I did not know I had in me. Calling is no longer cold and clients are much more receptive.”

– Jamie Atkins

Core Principles of
Advisory Selling

These principles are at work underneath
every successful selling conversation.

The core principles of Advisory Selling shift the focus of selling conversations away from the agent working to get what they want for themselves. Agents learn to give the client the support that they need in order to accomplish what the clients want, regardless of the benefit to the agent. Agents win when clients win.

When Clients Are Winning – Agents Are Winning!

Learn Why Advisory Selling Works

Our first Advisory Selling Book explores the origins of selling, its evolution to
the present day, and how Advisory Selling came to be.

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“I always thought I was good at selling. But since I’ve been engaged with the Advisory Selling Methods, I’m operating at a whole new level of performance, which I must say, is way beyond what I had previously imagined. I’m working with a team of people in my company and our overall results are soaring.”

Sally Williams


Discover How Easy It Can Be to Maximize Your Performance!

Minimize Your Reliance On the Tactics and Tricks Of Normal Selling.

The ingrained tactics, triggers, tricks, and traps will always be a part of us but we can learn how to push them to the background and have our natural advisory selling skills move into the foreground. Once you accomplish this shift, your ability to maximize your performance gets elevated and selling becomes more efficient, effective, empowering, enjoyable, and easier.

Advisory Language Skills

Talk Like a Trusted Advisor

  • Building Client Partnerships
  • Packaging Client Presentations
  • Launching Client Projects
  • Managing Client Accountability
  • Creating Client Breakthroughs
  • Completing Client Projects

Advisory Marketing Skills

Connect Before You Speak

  • Target Marketing Campaigns
  • Promotional Emails
  • Compiled Messages
  • Initial Contact Scripts
  • Follow-Up Calls & Emails
  • Meeting Confirmation Emails

Advisory Meeting Skills

Deliver Strong Meetings

  • Initial Exploratory Meetings
  • Power Presentation Meetings
  • Project Launch Meetings
  • Project Accountability Meetings
  • Client Breakthrough Meetings
  • Project Completion Meetings

Advisory Management Skills

Keep Everyone On Track

  • Time Navigation
  • Business Process Design
  • Brand Management
  • Team Architecture
  • Transactional Skill Development
  • Building Strategic Client Share

“When I started in sales, it was fun at first but then the grind of chasing down clients set in. It seemed interacting with clients was a competition. Having begun applying the Advisory Selling Methods to my practice and preparation, things flow a lot better and I am enjoying selling once again.”

Ralph Meadows


Four Online Tool Applications

Manage Yourself & Clients to Maximize Your Performance!

Advisory Selling offers four highly-dynamic tool applications that feature tools you will not find anywhere else. With the Time Navigator, you create an entirely new relationship with time such that you always have enough time to get everything done completely. The Business Navigator offers tools for designing a business architecture that works whether you are an individual career professional or a major company. The Virtual Deal Manager ensures that you generate, manage, and complete client projects successfully with nothing left out. The Client Share Manager helps you generate significant future business from your advisory relationships with many inactive clients.

Time Navigator

Travel Through Time

  • Weekly Activity Calendar
  • Daily Activity Planner
  • Daily Activity Agenda
  • Daily Activity Journal
  • Weekly Activity Tracker
  • Weekly Activity Report

Business Navigator

Maximize Business Performance

  • Strategic Game Designer
  • Business Process Designer
  • Project Network Coordinator
  • Player Network Coordinator
  • Accountability Manager
  • Accountability Report

Virtual Deal Manager

Manage Every Deal to Completion

  • Targeted Suspect List
  • Update Call List
  • Deal Manager Dashboard
  • Tactical Game Designer
  • Weekly Activity Tracker
  • Weekly Activity Report

Client Share Manager

Manage a Strategic Client Share

  • Client Share Dashboard
  • Email Cadence Manager
  • Call Cadence Manager
  • Meeting Cadence Manager
  • Call Control Panel
  • Home Base Data Center

“The biggest challenge I’ve had is getting clients to keep their commitments. I always ended up paying the price for their lack of accountability. Now I have effective tools for managing client accountability so things get done when they should a lot more often and that’s allowed me to significantly build my business, virtually overnight.”

Will Andrews


Discover How to Accelerate Your Skill Development

We are fully committed to your success.

Advisory Selling offers an array of support options from computer assisted learning within the online learning modules and tools to built-in collaboration among colleagues and others to virtual collaboration via email for input on work done. The most effective options are private coaching and group programs. The private coaching is with a member of our coaching team and team members lead the group programs. These options significantly accelerate and deepen the learning process so that learning becomes immediately applicable.

Computer Assisted Learning

Online Direction & Guidance
CAL, a blue icon seen throughout the modules and tools, stands for Computer Assisted Learning and gives big picture guidance. A green icon, VAL, gives specific step by step directions and definitions.

Collaborative Online Learning

Work Online With Partners
Built into the learning modules and tools is the ability to collaborate with a colleague, mentor, or manager in a delayed-response mode within each application. It allows multiple collaborators to work together.

Virtual Collaboration

Email Based Support
This form of support works when a colleague, mentor, coach, or manager is working with an agent to develop various email marketing components or working on a practice and preparation script for a variety of calls and client meetings.

Private Coaching

Regular Private Sessions
These are regularly scheduled sessions 30 to 60 minutes weekly or biweekly. The purpose is to give in depth coaching on the materials being learned and to unravel any performance blindspots that may be limiting success.

Group Programs

Regular Group Sessions
In these regularly scheduled 60 to 90 minute group programs participants learn from each other. People in this peer group setting are able to learn from the mistakes and successes of others increasing the velocity of learning.

“I’ve often thought that selling was not the career for me, mostly because it wasn’t as prestigious as other fields seemed to be. But since I began using the Advisory Selling Methods that has changed quite a bit. I know now that I have a great service to provide clients and it has become my job to make sure they make the best choices for themselves. That feels like something very special and selling is something I am proud to say I do.”

Jim Donaldson


We Work With Agents, Managers, Executives & Entire Companies

We Focus On Commercial Real Estate Investment Sales, Leasing & Lending.

Advisory Selling has worked with clients in many industries, from computer chips to cosmetics. But over the past two decades, we have focused on the development of our online learning methods and tool applications in the field of Commercial Real Estate. We chose CRE because this industry offers the opportunity to have highly-measurable significant results. Below are just some of the individuals, teams, and companies we have worked with during the past two decades. With Advisory Selling Methods, they are elevating and maximizing their performance to this day.

“The biggest challenge I’ve had is getting clients to keep their commitments and I end up paying the price for their lack of accountability. Now I have effective tools for managing client accountability so things get done when they should a lot more often and that has allowed me, virtually overnight, to significantly build my business.”

Will Andrews

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