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Advisory Selling Method

Serving the Client's Best Interest

Above All Else

Changing How You Sell Changes Everything!



Agenda-Based Selling 

Serving the Agent's Best Interest


Many agents are trained to use the same old tired tactics, techniques, triggers, tricks, and traps to compete with clients.

They conspire against clients in a battle to see who gets their way, often at the client's expense.

With such overt or covert adversarial approaches to selling, everybody loses.

By learning the Advisory Selling method you will get better at helping clients win.  

When clients lose, you lose!


Commitment-Based Selling

Serving a Client’s Best Interest


The Advisory Selling Method offers a new world of selling that uses your natural advisory skills to achieve higher levels of performance.

It offers agents at all levels a way to push aside the normal selling habits that get in the way of selling.

Agents who become true advisors find that selling becomes more efficient, effective, and empowering.

Making it more enjoyable and a lot easier for both client and advisor.

When clients win, you win!


Are You Pushing Your Solution On People?

“For over two decades, I fought to get clients to listen to me. I never realized that what I was saying was adversarial. I began working with the Advisory Selling Method and everything has changed. I only wish I had had this support a decade or two ago.”
– Gary Montour

Hi, I'm Paul Roth

I was in a situation over 30 years ago where we were told by company executives after our first program day that if we didn't change what we were teaching by the next day we would need to leave.

All that night, I developed the initial principles of what was to become Advisory Selling which I taught the next day. The many excited participants promised a result that surpassed all expectations, and then they exceeded them. From there, I continued to develop these ideas about selling and worked with many companies, big and small, all with major results.

In the early nineties, a small brokerage firm struggling to produce 10M in two years produced 300M four years later. In the early 2000s, I worked with a regional executive who applied Advisory Selling and was able to grow revenues from 2M to 37M in six years.

Since then, the Advisory Selling Method has been applied by thousands of professionals, small businesses, and  companies for over two decades. The method  has undergone intensive development and keeps getting better.


The Principles of Advisory Selling

Authentic Commitment

To Serve Your Clients’ Best Interests

Shift from a survival-driven selling agent to a commitment-based trusted advisor.

Genuine Interest

In Clients and Their Needs

Let go of impressing clients to get what you want and become more interested in them.

Complete Openness

To Whatever Outcome Will Serve Them

Let go of your agenda and empower clients to choose what will be best for them.

Fearless Communication

To Speak Truth Regardless of the Risks

Risk the relationship by saying what clients most need to hear when they don’t want to hear it.

Unstoppable Intention

To Ensure a Complete Client Victory

Be totally unstoppable when it comes to helping clients produce the results they want to achieve.


Are Clients Pushing You Away or Seeking You Out?

 “As a newer agent, I struggled to get people to talk to me when I called them. I began to apply the Advisory Selling Method and that brought out skills I did not know I had. Now, clients are much more receptive.”
– Jamie Atkins

Advisory Selling Produces Far Better Results!

There are six critical learning modules in the Advisory Selling Method.

They teach you how to bring out the natural language skills of a trusted advisor.

Module 1: Building Partnerships

Module 2:  Presenting With Power

Module 3: Launching Client Projects

Module 4: Managing Client Accountability

Module 5: Creating Client Breakthroughs

Module 6: Completing Client Projects

 These language skills cover the entire continuum of a selling process so you stay advisory all the way.

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Many Client Successes  

Advisory Selling has worked with individuals, teams and companies in many industries with a recent focus on the realm of commercial real estate. With the Advisory Selling Method, they continue to elevate and maximize their performance. Below are just some of the companies whose individuals, teams, and companies have shifted from selling an agenda to selling to serve.

Step Into the Future of Selling!


It's time  to connect with clients by serving their best interest.

That means going beyond what you were taught in sales training.

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