Group Coaching Options

For Partners, Teams, Regional Offices, and Enterprise



Advisory Selling Group Options

Each of the Following Plans Deliver the AdvisorySelling Method along with our 6 Collaborative Leadership Modules.

Group Option 1

Partners Together

Partners need to work in two ways separately and together in order to work out the kinks that inevitably emerge. 

These sessions are usually 30 minutes each and recur on a weekly or biweekly basis.

What is remarkable is how by working together better so much more can be achieved.

Group Option 2

Team Collaboration 

The team that works together better is usually the team that wins in any performance endeavor worth pursuing.

These sessions are usually 60 minutes each and on a weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis.

What is remarkable is that on a collaborative team everyone improves their game.

Group Option 3

Regional Office Focus

A regional office has individuals and team that need to  work together better, especially with the regional manager. 

These sessions are usually 30 minutes each and recur on a weekly or biweekly basis.

What is remarkable is how an office of individuals, generates more by working together.

Group Option 4

Full Company Access 

A company is a team of teams with individuals performers whose skills vary greatly, yet all need continuous improvement. 

Individual sessions are 30 minutes. Team and group sessions are 60 minutes weekly or biweekly basis.

What is remarkable is how company initiatives get buy-in, thus ensuring better outcomes.

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Skill Development Talks

Each conversation is a single session with an individual, partners, team or company with additional private coaching sessions for each person.

Time Navigation

This talk breaks up our model of Time Management and makes clear why Time Navigation is more empowering.

Project Management

This talk exposes the challenges of managing a complex robust network of projects and people.

Business Process Design

This talk illustrates the dynamics of an effective business process design that can be installed, implemented, and improved.

Team Leadership

This talk is about the challenges of leadership which starts with oneself.  and then extends to others.

Team Architecture

The effectiveness of a team does not depend on the particular players but rather only if the team architecture makes sense.

Team Branding

This talk takes a deeper look into the power of branding which is educating an audience how to speak about you  to others.

Talks Scheduled On Demand 
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Strategic Game Navigator Coaching 

This Dynamic Tool Features a Vision Builder, ab Action Planner, and the Time Navigator.

  • The Strategic Game Navigator Online Tool Has been around in different forms for two decades. It is now a dynamic online tool with many unique components and features.
  • With this tool¬† you are able to generate a vision for the future and make that vision real by planning your actions and navigating those actions in time.
  • Regardless of the obstacles you encounter on your journey or the unforeseen opportunities that come your way, you can stay on track to accomplishing your vision for the future with power, velocity, and¬† certainty.
  • We offer both a private coaching and a group program training in using this tool to generate, launch, navigate and realize the future you want and deserve.
Vision Builder 

1. Creating Your Vision

2. Owning Your Accomplishments

3. Designing Your Projects

4. Generating New Possibilities

5. Functions Integration

6. Applying the Component

Action Planner

1. Planning Your Actions

2.  Aligning Your Commitments

3. Initiating Your Actions

4. Managing Your Results

5. Three Functions Integration

6. Applying the Component

Time Navigator

1. Dancing With Chaos

2. Building a Model Week

3. Creating a Daily Plan

5. Actual Better Than the Plan

5. Three Functions Integration

6. Applying the Component


Paul Roth

I am the author of the book Selling  the Truth. It is written in the spirit of telling the truth to ourselves first then others . This book is the ultimate expression of my Advisory Selling Method.  The basic premise of the book is that we are all selling all the time so we may as well get good at it. The method brings out the natural skills you already have within you and helps you strengthen them through practice and application. In time you begin to let go of all of the tactics, techniques, triggers, tricks, and traps used in normal selling.

Over the years I have also developed what is now an online tool called the Strategic Sales Game Navigator. While it has retained a lot of its original low-tech power, it now has many helpful dynamic online features as part of the three primary components of this tool - the Vision Builder, the Action Planner, and the Time Navigator. With this powerful online tool, you are able to create a selling game worth playing and winning.  It enables you to create a future worth having, keep it rolling forward, and then actually make that future happen equal to or beyond what your initial vision. 

My passion is for Empowering People to achieve levels of performance beyond what they have ever imagined possible. I have worked with thousands of individual professionals, hundreds of small businesses, and numerous major companies to unravel the obstacles to accessing their inner skills so they can bring out their natural brilliance. Helping people to have things turn out better than anything they could have ever planned is my favorite outcome.  

What You Can Expect From Working with Paul...

‚ÄúFor over two decades, I fought to get clients to listen to me when I knew better. I never realized that what I was saying was adversarial and clients would always fight back. I began working with the Advisory Selling Methods and everything has changed. I wish I had had this support a decade or two ago.‚ÄĚ

‚ÄstBrent Simmons

‚ÄúAs a newer agent, I struggled to even get people to talk to me when I called them. We called it cold calling. It was surely that until I began to work with the Advisory Selling Methods and brought out some skills I did not know I had in me. Calling is no longer cold and clients are much more receptive.‚ÄĚ

‚Äď Jamie Atkins

‚ÄúI always thought I was good at selling. But since I‚Äôve been engaged with the Advisory Selling Methods, I‚Äôm operating at a whole new level of performance, which I must say, is way beyond what I had previously imagined.¬†My team and our¬†company¬† results are soaring.‚Ä̬†

‚Äď Sally Williams