Building Partnerships

Skill Development Coaching Module

Sales Professionals, Coaches, Consultants & Advisors


If You Are Looking to Better Connect With Your Clients . . . 

This Program Develops Your Natural Ability to Make Them Allies!



Why is Partnership Essential

for Success In Selling?

Client conversations are about building partnerships. When a partnership arises, it is because we access natural partnership building skills that are already within us.

Results are immediate because when you are focused on serving others, not yourself, selling becomes more efficient, effective, empowering, enjoyable, and a whole lot easier.

Every once in a while, we trip over our innate partnership building skills by accident, and we say to ourselves "Gee, that conversation was really great, I wish I could have a lot more of those." The truth is, you can.  

If you are willing to learn this this approach and practice it diligently, your natural partnership building skills will take over.


How Does This Program Work? 

Building Partnerships

There is Nothing More Essential to an Effective Selling Conversation
This Coaching Module Provides the Fundamentals for Every Other Advisory Selling Conversation
In the Program You Learn 3 Practices that Work Together to Build Client Partnerships
  • You will learn a set of language skills that give you immediate access to partnership with clients in every conversation.
  • You develop skills that empower you to create the partnership with clients that they long to experience yet rarely encounter.
  • You will discover¬†how to how to align with your client's¬†project and learn how to assist them in getting from where they are currently to where they want to be in the future.
Practice 1

Evoking Rapport

Converts a client's automatic protective listening into more open, honest, and receptive listening.

You open the doorway to greater collaboration with clients from the first words you speak.

This practice sets up the conditions required for the next practice to do the primary work of the module.


Practice 2

Generating Projects

Moves clients away from their story  about their situation and toward their compelling new possibility.

In the process, you help them identify what they have accomplished which reveals what's needed to be put in place. 

You no longer need to fix client problems but show them their compelling future possibility as the basis for partnership.


Practice 3

Forging Partnership

Uses your power of being a trusted advisor to speak a productive partnership with a client into existence. 

By declaring their capability and your commitment to their success, you speak the partnership into existence. 

With this, you can invite them to take specific actions to move their project forward and promise them results.


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What Results Will You Derive From This Program?

To the degree you follow our guidance and all instructions, you will bring out the natural skills you need

to achieve continuous improvement in your results and to maximize your performance each step of the way.  

Break Habits & Discover Skills

You release your reliance on the typical selling tactics, techniques, triggers, tricks, and traps learned from your parents, teachers, managers, consultants, and sales trainers.

You will displace these by bringing out your natural advisory skills that have the power to reshape your relationships with colleagues and give you the edge in your client relationships. 

Enduring Client Relationships

You shift from being perceived as a survival driven agenda-based selling agent that clients tend to avoid and become a service driven commitment-based trusted advisor. 

You will no longer have clients treat you like a convenience that is used, abused, and quickly excused. You will become a critical asset to them and welcomed member of their team.

Increased Reward & Recognition

Your performance in selling will significantly increase as will your ability to have tough conversations with clients even when they most need it but don't want to hear it.

Your income will begin to increase rapidly because, when your clients are winning you are winning, thus generating repeat business and great referrals.

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Meet Paul Roth, the author of the groundbreaking book, Selling the Truth, and creator of the Advisory Selling Method. With over two decades of experience, Paul has been a trusted advisor to countless professionals, businesses, and major corporations.

Paul's mission is to ignite the potential within every individual and unleash their brilliance. He excels at helping people surpass even their wildest expectations, achieving outcomes that go beyond anything they could have previously imagined.

At the heart of Paul's teachings lies the Advisory Selling Method - a meticulously crafted framework born out of intensive development and rigorous testing. Those who embrace this method make significant leaps in their performance and become more consequential in their own life and the lives of others.

What You Can Expect From Working with Paul...

“My first project with Paul was moving out of my parents’ house. He worked with me to grow from a junior agent to a senior agent, then from a regional manager to a division manager.  Now, many years later, I am in the number two executive position in a top national firm. I still go back into the Building Partnership Practices and practice. It's like a martial art but for selling."

‚ÄstRichard Blake, Senior Agent

“When I started with Paul, I was a junior agent making just above a 100 thousand a year. We worked together for twenty years, and my biggest year was 11 million - just me and my team. It is one thing to have good fortune and a good market but altogether another thing to become a sought-after advisor who clients look forward to working with."

‚ÄstSarah Atkins, Sales Team Leader

“I thought my career might be coming to a close until I worked with Paul Roth. We started working together as I struggled to get my new office from 2 to 3 million. Six years later, I had opened a second office and we got to a total of 37 million between the two offices. As Paul developed the Advisory Selling Method, he taught me how to teach the method to my teams."

‚ÄstGene Robinson, Regional Sales Manager

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